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TTA is back?!

Holy crap this is not a series I expected to see again. This is a great retelling of the original and hopefully you won't end the series on a pointless cliff hanger never to be explained.

This was great

I'd honestly love to see your take on far more mysterious creatures like endermen, blazemen, and those odd testificate fellows. This was a very creative work and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

What the hell did I just watch

It was funny, dramatic, and emotional. Made little sense but was very funny

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Good but short

Awesome game. I love tower defenses and rhythm games and this is a very creative combination of the two. There are a few problems though. I don't think you get quite enough bang for your buck if you know what I mean when it comes to receiving cash from notes. There were a few times where I wasn't receiving enough income to stop notes, even with the specials. I think increasing the amount gained by a buck or two may solve that problem without changing the difficulty too much. speaking of difficulty the game has a rather steep difficulty curve. The only reason of this is because of how few songs there are. I think if you had more songs you would've been able to flatten that curve a little. It was a very fun game and I wish it wasn't over in 20 minutes D:


Wow this game was truely awesome. The music and atemosphere was fantastic and the game and story were addicting. I cannot wait for the sequel. ....You are doing a sequel right?

Its rather creepy and I think I understand the message of what you are trying to convey but I won't ruin it for everyone else.

omg= >(

omg flea circus of death, its fun but i wouldnt buy it

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You almost got it

the feel of christmas was definitely there, but the song is a little bland. You've got the right tempo, the right instruments, and the right feel to it. But it gets old and repetitive pretty fast, which is something I see in a lot of sonic remixes. Perhaps if you changed it up a bit in some parts, or had a break down at some point, or added in another instrument as the song went along I'm sure the repetitive nature wouldn't be so blatant.
I liked it, but it could use some improvement. Keep it up C:


The intro sounds like a big fight is gonna start or something. I love this song your other songs, sweet job man!


I LOVE THIS SONG!!! It gives that sense of infinite space and stuff
I'll have to make an AMV to this song! Thanks so much for making this man! Love your work!

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